Why to trade with OliverBriggs

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Why to trade with OliverBriggs

Crypto (Foreign Exchange) is an international decentralized market where the currencies

exchanged oppose each other. OliverBriggs offers Crypto trading by low spreads and high

liquidity. Exchange up to 50 currency pairs with OliverBriggs. Take the entrance to the biggest

market in the world, in terms of daily volume, quotes, and high-level charts. Currencies own the

qualities of high volatility, which create opportunities for individual traders and corporates to

make investment projections on their variations.

A quote pair is the buying and pricing system of currencies traded in the Crypto:

the value of a currency is defined by another.


The primary currency is “base currency”, and the other one is called the

“quote currency”.

The pair shows us the amount of quote currency needed to buy a unit

of the base currency.


Buying price is the amount of quote currency that is required to receive

one unit of the base currency.


Sale price is the amount of money you give in the terms of quote currency for

selling one unit of base currency.